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Dance Competitions You Should Attend

If you are a dancer, you know that dancing without goals won't take you far. You need to see a purpose in your sport and what better purpose than competing and winning at some of the best dance competitions worldwide and in the USA?

Young Dancers

Let's take a look at the best dance events in the world you should be a part of:

1. Youth America Grand Prix

This one is essential for every ballet dancer who wants to go far. Every year after 25 competitions in various countries, 1,200 lucky winners are invited to NYC and compete not only for a scholarship, but also for a chance to be noticed by the best ballet dance companies, which are all watching.

2. World Professional Latin Dance Competition

Seeing and being seen is key here while you do your cha chas, rumbas, and swings. Over $40,000 is received in scholarships every year in the event organized by The National Dance Council of America.

Latin Dance Competition

3. Hip Hop International

Anybody and everybody who is who at Hip Hop, strive to come compete in this event. You can pop and lock together with 4,000 dancers from about 50 countries every September. There is different location every year, but dancer fun interactions are constant.

4. IDO World Show Dance Competition and Cups

This beautiful event takes place in Riesa, Germany and invites you to stay for a week. Imagine all the sightseeing you can do at the same time! This competition is for all age groups, even adults, and includes all dance categories.

Adult Dancers

5. Starpower International Talent and Dance Competition

This event has been held for 31 years. You can dance whatever type of dance you like, be it jazz, modern dance, or anything in between. This is a great place to try your skills and luck in competitive dance, because there are three levels for every category. Young stars start competing at various locations all over the US before reaching the Battle of the Stars.

6. United States Dance/Drill Team Championship

This is where young dancers compete as a team. Before getting to this competition, students have to win regionally and secure an invitation to come. It helps if you join their workshops if this event is something you want to participate in.

Dance Competitions For Kids & Young Adults

7. Fusion National Dance Competition

This competition includes all dance styles and all ages. Solo performers, couples, and teams are welcome. Dancers can enjoy total dance creativity freedom and are judged by solo or impromptu performance. Local tryouts nationally and internationally start this Fusion experience before you can step in front of judges and audience for a truly memorable experience.

8. World of Dance

The famous competition offers stage to performers of all ages and styles from around the world. There are well-known judges, fame, and a chance to be on TV. All you have to do is qualify in local rounds after applying online. You will be judged on your performance, technique, creativity, choreography, and presentation. All participants compete for a $1 million prize and a chance to become famous performers.

Rumba Dancers

9. America's Got Talent

Simon Cowell is behind this TV phenomenon for 16 years. The competition includes dancing, singing, acting, stunts, and comedy gigs. The best performers are picked by people watching and professional judges and get a cash prize and a chance to perform in Vegas. Around 10 million viewers get to see this show each season for the last 14 years.

10. Turn It Up Dance Challenge

TIU Dance Challenge starts locally and includes all ages and levels. The competition lasts a week and is a really great event with judges, audience, and crew members all coming together for dancers. The competition has 4 levels of dancing and an award from Hollywood.


11. Dancing With The Stars

This competition is world-wide franchise and has 17 such versions in different countries for close to 30 years. During this competition famous people are paired with professional dancers. Performers are judged by judges and audience at home. Winners get a mirror trophy and a tour. And we all know their names.

12. The Dance Championships

One of the most famous dance competitions in US, this event brings families together and showcases some breathtaking performances. Since 1989, when it started in NY, the competition offers best facilities and technology for just a small fee of registration. Today this competition takes places in different cities each year, but remains true to its high quality promise and values.

Dance Championship

13. Universal Ballet Competition

Come to southern Florida for this event and witness the best ballet dances show their skills in front of supportive audience and professional judges. This competition is very high skilled and well organized. Judges come from renowned dance schools and offer scholarships and camps for those who see their future in ballet.

14. Hall of Fame Dance Challenge

Hall of Fame is not an easy competition, but participating in it can open the door to real dance world. Collaboration of dancers, teachers, and organizers create a dazzling stage for showcasing skills. The competition is family friendly and yet maintains high standards. Only through hard work and team effort acclaim can be reached here.

Ballroom Dance Competition

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